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Discover Evry


Evry is a multi-cultural city and a wide range of food is available throughout its many restaurants.

restaurants map

  • Le New Village is a restaurant and nice bar.
    Location: 3 Allée Jacquard - 91000 Évry
  • Le Chemin d'Himalaya is an Indian and Nepalese restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.
    Location: 12-14 cours Monseigneur Romero, 91000 Evry
  • Namaste-Inde is an Indian restaurant.
    Location: 5 rue Montespan, 91000 Evry
  • Hippopotamus is a chain of grill restaurants.
    Location: in the downtown shopping center
  • Le Chalet d'Etiolles invites you to taste French traditional food.
    Location: 1 Avenue de la Fontaine au Soulier, 91450 Etiolles

More restaurants are listed on: tripadvisor or cityvox.


Evry is also a land of spirituality that holds remarkable religious buildings.

  • The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Resurrection is the only cathedral built in France during the twentieth century. It is shaped as a beveled cylinder. It was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1997.
  • The Grand Mosque of Evry is the largest mosque in France. It is both a place of worship and an Islamic cultural center.
  • The Pagoda "Khanh-Anh" is meant to become the European headquarters of the Congregation Vietnamese Buddhist. It was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 2008.

    Some interesting pictures of the town and the Cathedral can be found on the web.

Around Evry

You can visit Paris region. The official website for Paris region cen help you.

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